New Restrictions in Delaware



Prepared by Rick Waak, who is available to discuss at 269-623-6222


A recently enacted law will impose new restrictions on door-to-door direct sellers in the state of Delaware. The law prohibits any cold-call direct sale from occurring between the hours of 8p.m. and 9a.m. It also requires that door-to-door sellers obtain a government-issued identification card and display it whenever they make a solicitation at a consumer’s residence.


The law becomes effective 120 days from the date it was signed by the Governor during the first week of April, 2012. As yet, neither the fee nor the procedure required to obtain the identification card from the Delaware Department of Finance has been specified.


Exemptions from the law are allowed for public utility crews and house calls by non-profit organizations or cable television systems. Also exempt are in-home solicitation events that are arranged and conducted pursuant to the consumer’s invitation, such as home party sales events.


Client companies who have independent sales representatives resident in Delaware or bordering states should alert those sales reps to inquire of the Delaware Department of Finance and watch for local news reports regarding compliance procedures.