About a year ago the Nehra & Waak firm quietly began a transition in its internal operations by announcing the change of its primary address to the Delton, MI, office address of Rick Waak. At the same time our letterhead was modified, without announcement, to reflect Rick’s new role as Principal Attorney, and Gerry’s designation as Of Counsel.
Maybe we should have explained the adjustment. Some of our business associate contacts apparently have misconstrued this style change to indicate that Gerry has retired. NOT SO. Gerry remains very much engaged and is actively pursuing the firm’s practice. He continues to service all clients for whom he previously had been lead direct selling counsel. He also continues to provide ALL trademark work requested by any of the firm’s clients.
As Principal Attorney, Rick has taken on much of the management and administrative responsibility for firm operations. He also serves as lead counsel on the accounts of all new firm clients.
A concluding note: Mail sent to Gerry’s Muskegon, Michigan address will NOT be lost or go unanswered.  Also, the phone and fax numbers, and email addresses for both Rick Waak & Gerry Nehra remain unchanged.