Verkörpern Die Produkte Einen ‘Eigenständigen’ Wert’?,

Unternehmen des Direktvertriebs und ihre unabhängigen (nicht angestellten) Vertriebsrepräsen-tanten bewegen sich in einem Minenfeld, das mit Gesetzen, Verhaltenscodices und Vorschriften sowie mit deren Auslegungen bestückt ist. Unternehmen, die ihre Produkte (Waren oder Dienst-leistungen) ausschließlich an ihre Vertriebsrepräsentanten absetzen, ohne Kunden im eigentlichen Sinne des Wortes zu haben, geraten eigentlich überall in Schwierigkeiten mit einer, wie […]

Les Produits Ont-Ils “La Valeur Intrinseque”?

par Gerald P. Nehra, Attorney-at-Law Les compagnies de vente directe et leurs représentants de ventes indépendants (d’non-employé) fonctionnent dans un champ de mines des lois, des codes, et des règlements, et des traductions de ces lois, codes, et règlements. Les compagnies dont les produits (à moins que clairement indiqués autrement, les “produits” inclut des services) […]

Consider Japan

By Richard Dean Sr.   American network marketing companies would do well to establish their Far Eastern base in Japan. Japan is a democracy, which affords reliable legal recourse, as opposed to a number of other Pacific Rim countries. Japan is the Gateway to the entire Pacific Rim and many Japanese leaders already have distributor […]

Business Plans and Budgets – Who Needs Them?

by Jay E. Leisner, Sylvina Consulting Many people think that the sole purpose of a business plan is to secure outside investment capital. However, this is only one of the two purposes. A business plan helps demonstrate that you have thought through the business in detail and can show convincingly that you have a viable, […]

Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!

by Doug Cloward Wolf, wolf, wolf! There are wolves in the flock! This cry of alarm from a self-proclaimed shepherd of the direct selling pasture is neither prank nor the effect of fanatic “sky is falling” hysteria. The wolves are among us in direct selling sheep clothing, and the shepherds have lowered their staff of […]

Is this a Pyramid Scheme?

1996 Leonard W. Clements “Questionable” MLM programs continue to flood the market at a record pace. But unlike their predecessors, they’re hiding their true nature better than ever. Many quasi-pyramids and money games today are taking great advantage of the ignorance of most people as to what constitutes an illegal pyramid. Please understand, I do […]

Compensation Plan Breakage: Why and How

by Dan Jensen, Chairman, Jenkon International, Inc. Breakage is defined as the commissions left unpaid each month compared to the theoretical maximum of the plan. If a compensation plan pays a maximum of 45% but the actual pay-out is 35% each month, then the breakage would be 10%. On the surface, one might suggest that breakage […]

Are you wasting your hard-earned commission dollars?

By Dan Jensen, Chairman, Jenkon International, Inc. As one looks at the bottom line on a profit and loss statement, one quickly realizes the largest cost factor is for commissions. For many companies, this ranges between 30% to 50% of revenue. While executives search for ways to reduce expenses, “commissions” is seldom touched because it drives […]

Compensation Plan Types

by Dan Jensen, Jenkon International, Inc. 1. Direct Selling Plans Traditional Direct Selling One on one, the distributor sells direct to the consumer and earns commission on those sales. Management is limited and often appointed. Sponsoring is not aggressively pursued except by those in sales management. Retail commissions are a large percentage of sale and are […]

The 10 Most Common Mistakes in MLM

by Dan Jensen, Jenkon International, Inc. Multi-Level Marketing, also called Network Marketing, is the essence of free enterprise. Thousands of MLM companies have sprouted during the last few decades. Sadly, many are no longer in business. Having been entrenched in the MLM industry for over a decade seeing hundreds of companies come and go, I have […]